“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, March 09, 2007

RevGals Friday Five: Matters of Taste

My mother loved figs.I only like them in a Newton.It's all a matter of taste.Name five things you like a lot that some close relative or significant other did/does not like. This could be food, movies, hobbies, music, sports or whatever springs to mind.

1. I like to listen to music, my husband prefers the TV, especially CNN. When I work at home during the day I work in silence, just the tapping of the keys on my laptop, the barking of dogs, chirping of birds, or the purring cat on my lap, keep me company. But at the office I put on churchy music: Mozart sonatas, Taize, famous church choirs. And in the car, I listen to lots of music, no more NPR or news, I am boycotting it...I listen to Dixie Chicks, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, U2, Indigo Girls, Motown, Diana Krall, Norah Jones....to name a few. However, I do watch TV at night with husband, and knit. Or, I will leave TV on for dogs, Animal Planet, because I have one dog that will actually watch dogs on TV. She even responds when we say, "Ruby, look, dog on TV!" she runs to the TV...it's amusing.

2. I love sushi, especially "contemporary sushi" with the blend of flavors, yum! Most people I know either love sushi or won't touch it.

3. I love wine, good wine. Not too much, an occasional glass or two with dinner is all I consume. But I'd love to have a wine cellar filled with fine aged wines, I don't know why...I just think it would be cool. And I love the color of wine (especially red) in a nice wine glass. For me it's all about the senses -wine is sensual I think.

4. I also love coffee. I start every morning with coffee, fair trade good stuff. I like a rich flavor in my coffee. And this winter I have fallen in love with Starbucks Mocha skim latte...it's been a bad winter in the midwest, I lost a lot of weight when sick last fall, so I indulge in the occasional mocha. Must admit, as the season changes it is less of a draw...soon I'll be back to the iced soy latte (ahh summer, will it ever be here?).

5. Ok, as long as I am using this blog as a confessional, I will also admit that I love Earl Grey tea, but always with a few pieces of dark chocolate or cookies...and always around 4:00pm...

I am such a creature of "habit" with my beverages...coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, wine with dinner, and herbal tea before be. Every day (well, except the wine)...but otherwise these beverages "frame" my day...is it wrong?
The picture I added is of a "chocolate coffee cup, if I could find such a thing life would be perfect...?"