“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday: A Real Day Off...

A real day off today. No work at all. I blogged and read blogs, helping me to begin the process of reconnecting with my cyber space friends. I cleaned my house. My daughter and I went out for lunch and took the dogs to dog park. We made dinner from scratch, hamburgers (homemade) on the grill, sauteed onions, homemade fries. Ok not a complicated meal, but delicious. Add a glass of red wine, and a full day like this leaves me feeling almost normal and human again. Almost. It was a beautiful sunny day here in the low to mid 80's. Rain storms coming, but the day was fabulous.

Monday Morning Musings

The whirlwind of interviews is over. For now. I may have one or two more coming up. But for the few weeks I am done. The process of interviewing is fascinating. Getting to know a community from what the say and present and from what they do not....and also what they come to know about me (or not). I allow myself to be appropriately transparent. I am looking for a good fit, a place that really excites me, and a community I grow in and with. I am who I am, and that includes some strong gifts for leadership and ministry. So, I am discerning. And it's possible that of these three churches none of them will be the place I go to. And, while I have two others that I am considering, they are very quiet, so not too hopeful there either.

Which means I may end up starting the entire search process all over again.

So. On this Monday Morning. My day off I am thinking about the call and where the Spirit leads. I am working to stay reflective and hopeful. I am tired. On this day I will try to catch up on blogging. I will clean my house and take my dogs to the dog park. I will rest. I will wait to see what churches move on, which ones I pull out of, and where this leads me.