For the Repose of His Little Soul

Over these last three weeks while Little L and Baby Z have been in the NICU we have been aware of another little baby in the next isolette. Tiny D was born at 23 weeks 4 days. He has been in the NICU for 2 months and had multiple surgeries (I don't know what for). When we went to pick up Little L the other night Tiny D was having another surgery. The situation looked very gloomy. I learned last that Tiny D died Monday night.

I never saw him. Confidentiality and health precautions being what they are. I only saw his isolette and the machines and the beeping equipment, and the constant care the nurses gave him. I know he was loved. Heck, I became invested in his well being just from being present. I wept upon hearing about his death. I pray for his young parents who have been through so much. I pray for his tiny little life that was filled with love but also so much pain. I pray for all little one's struggling to live.

Gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of life, however tiny and fragile it may be. We trust that you have welcomed Tiny D into your loving arms. In that embrace may he find everlasting joy. We pray for the repose of his soul, may he rest in peace+

Surround his parents and family with your love that they may be comforted even in this loss. Embrace them with your grace that even as they face this grief they are surrounded by love. Help them to have confidence in your goodness. Give them the stamina and strength they need to meet the days ahead.

Uphold and sustain the nurses and doctors who attended to this tiny baby. Help them in their grief and give them the courage to continue to care for the weak and vulnerable, sustained by your grace and hope.

Help all of us to be attentive to the fragility of life, to embrace it with joy and recognize all people, regardless of who they are, as


zorra said…
Lord, hear our prayer.

I have trained (briefly) in the NICU and have marveled at the stamina of these tiny babies and the courage of their parents. And I have also seen the aftermath, how very impaired these tiniest ones usually are, both cognitively and physically, if they do survive. Such a struggle, for the families and the professionals involved.

I hope your MIL's surgery and recovery go well. Knee replacements are said to be tougher even than hip replacements in terms of recovery.
mompriest said…
Yes, Zorra, you are so right. As much as I understand the desire to fight for life we also need to ponder whether we ought to do an intervention just because we can...

I do hope my MIL is doing well, in surgery as we speak, I think. And, yes, the surgery is easier than hip replacment but more difficult to recover from...sigh.

MB, amen, indeed.
mmm... funny how God grabs our hearts sometimes through perfect strangers.
mompriest said…
HC, indeed...

Latest update on MIL, she is out of surgery and in recovery. So, at least that part went well and is we pray for a good recovery.
May his tiny soul rest in peace.
dust bunny said…
Prayers for the family, and I think it was a blessing that you were present at the hospital while Tiny D was there.
So much death around lately. It's tough.

My mom has had both a knee replacement and a hip replacement. Words of advice for years of success: Physical Therapy!!!! Someone needs to monitor her, besides the doctor and therapists, to make sure that the PT is done above and beyond the call of duty and that a newly designed exercise program is created for her. Very very important!!

mompriest said…
Thanks PBG.

Luckily (or sometimes annoyingly) I have a SIL who is a nurse. She is very (ah, sometime overly) invested in the health care of family members.

Mostly she is really helpful in ensuring that all is going as it ought too.

Thanks, though for the reminder. It is especially important with knee - get 'em up and moving in 24 hours....ouch! But needed!
Rev SS said…
Beautiful prayer. Amen. And glad to hear MIL's surgery went well, prayers that PT goes equally well, and she has uneventful full recovery.

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