“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nature, Nurture, Napping....the "N's"

Today is my day off, so Naturally I am thinking about ways to Nurture myself. One of my favorite is, Napping. There is nothing quite like a good deep sleep in the middle of the afternoon to care for oneself and revive the spirit. There are a number of other ways I nurture myself: including massages, manicures, swimming, walking dogs, knitting and reading....but today is all about the "N's"...so in that regard: Nature is high on my list...I love to be outdoors and enjoy this beautiful world. I love mountains, and water, sand, and green grass, rolling hills and a vista that goes on forever. Here in my neck of the woods, I mean desert, we have birds galore and wildlife aplenty. I have already mentioned on more than one occasion, the bobcat family living on the roof of the empty house across the street. They are awesome, but have put a damper on our daily dog walks....(naturally, I am disinclined to tempt them at an easy meal - me or my dogs....normally they would be inclined to leave us alone - bigger than they we are....BUT, it is a hungry family and a protective momma) .

Nice - as a general rule I really do try to be nice to everyone. I tend to believe that everyone is struggling with something (or to quote Plato: Be kinder than necessary, everyone is fighting some kind of battle). However I have also discovered that I can be quite defensive when someone steps on my last nerve. I guess that makes me human....and flawed and normal?

On this day off I am grateful to have the time and the ability to be grateful for simple things that begin with the letter "N"....