“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lifesving or Lifegiving Moments in Life: A Friday Five Meme

KathrynZJ offers this Friday Five Meme over at RevGals.

1) Your lifesaving food/beverage. Oh....most mornings it is a goooood cup of coffee. But sometimes it is that afternoon pick me up cup of tea. Other times it might be a glass of red wine. But as a general rule I drink a lot of lifegiving water, iced or not, depending on the weather.

2) Your lifesaving article of clothing. Some call it a dog-collar. I heard one person call it a bandit-collar. For me though, the clerical collar I wear has been a lifegiving symbol of my ministry. I don't need to wear "the collar" to feel like or priest or remember that I am one. But I wear it with a deep sense of gratitude for that which God has done in my life. The collar is a clear symbol of the ministry I do and love. I love what I have been called to do even though it can be really hard life draining work. When I wear the collar people know who I am and what I am there for, whether it is visiting someone in the hospital or officiating at a wedding or leading worship in church. I do tend to get a few second looks in the grocery store....

3) Your lifesaving movie/book/tv show/music. Dixie Chicks "Despite Our Differences" love that CD.

4) Your lifesaving friend. I have a couple: Kathryn, Joanne, Jeanette, on any given day, not necessarily in that order.

5) Your lifesaving moment. hum. my baptism at the age of nine. kneeling while the minister laid hands on my head and my new husband and prayed a blessing for our marriage - truly I will never forget that sense that the Holy Spirit was present. My marriage has been life saving and life giving - but by no means rosy. The births of each of my children - definitely.