RevGals Friday Five Meme

Kathrynzj offers this Friday Five Meme, asking us to list five things we like about where we live and one thing we don't....

Five things I like:

1. I'm back in Chicago, 'nuff said (ok, I'll say a bit more)

2. It's not where I lived for the two years prior, although there were some wonderful things about THAT place too - like the view from my backyard and the wildlife

3. Family and friends near by

4. I've found some work here, albeit temporary

5. the gym, where I've been working out for four months

and one I don't...."Tornado Warnings" (which are thankfully few and far apart, even during this hot and stormy summer)


altar ego said…
Chicago is a great city. I definitely like all that it offers when I visit. And people I know there seem to enjoy living there. Blessings on your time in that place, for however long.
RevSharon said…
On the other hand, tornado warnings are far better than a tornado that comes without warning. Native Texan here! I also very much liked your post about bread.
Deb said…
Cities have their upside, to be sure. I like the 'burbs because I can have both. Ever equivocal... ;)
Joolie said…
sounds like you're in an interesting time of transition. How nice to be in such a great city as you figure out what's next.
angela said…
Can't picture you in Chicago while still seeing the beautiful western photography. My husband liked it there. Is there nature in a city that big? Parks where you go for a breath of fresh air?

Glad you found work--that makes a lot seem new.
Rebecca Ramsey said…
I hate tornado warnings too. They remind me of way too many afternoons spent under at desk, waiting out a warning at school.

Thank goodness for exercise and a gym to go to. The stress monster would carry me off without it!
Muthah+ said…
Chicago! That's where you are! Ahhh. Spent many childhood summers visiting grandmother, aunts and uncles and cousins there. Now, no family lives there and flying through Chicago now is uneventful.

Good dio. too. Knew Bill Persell years ago but don't know present bp.
Terresa said…
I found your blog via a Google search for the Mary Oliver poem, "A Pretty Song." Also, I love your header pic of the road from Escalante to SLC. I know that part of the world and it's divine.

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