Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Musings

I'm laying low today, tending to a cold. It all began with a sore throat last week and now has moved to other areas of my respiratory system. I'm consuming lots of herbal tea and water and keeping the hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfecting wipes near by....

I want to get well because in a few days I head north for a conference called Not In Our Pews. This conference is designed to help congregations understand domestic violence, support victims, and work toward ending it.

I'm going to write a report on the conference for the Episcopal Women's Caucus newsletter. I've also written four prayers for the Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. I don't know how or if my prayers will be used, but I wrote them.

And I'm preparing to head off to Seattle in December to lead another workshop on "Words Matter." I've been working on this language project, with the National Council of Churches for ten months and we are about to launch the trial version of the module for both the NCC and a version for The Episcopal Church. It's very exciting.

Then, I will end the week by preaching at my "home" parish, the church that sponsored me in the ordination process. I have not been back there for ten years, so it's very exciting!

Anyway, my week - some necessary self-care and some good work in the world, with a dose of homecoming....what about you? What does your week look like?


angela said...

Bless your health. I hope you heal quickly, travel safely and look forward to your thoughts on the conference.

I still get a case of nerves preaching or leading worship in my home church. Glad you don't.

Jan said...

So glad you rested. Safe travels!

Mary Beth said...

So excited about the Words Matter program.

Glad you are well engaged. Praying for your eventual proper place.

SingingOwl said...

What Mary Beth said. What a week you are having!

Maybe if I'm ever a pastor again I'll see you at the conference...or somewhere.

Blessings on you and all these things in your life!

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