“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My husband does not like this new pink blogskin. It's too pink, he says. And he didn't like the first photo I had in the header...although it too was of a sunset it was too busy with the busyness of the skin. (Can you tell that my husband use to work in graphic arts?)...So I explained to him that I wanted something sort of "Valentine's Day-like" and that I tend to change the skin for the season...I actually like the skin, I am kind of a romantic at heart and love old textures - this reminds me of some old wall paper that one would find in a fine old house... quality-fine.

My skin is going through some changes too. As I approach my 53rd birthday, just a few weeks away, I am keenly aware of the changes happening to my skin. First of all, despite the fact that I exercise a fair amount, my skin is sagging. Secondly, I have gained weight, so I have more skin. Mind you, my weight is still ok - but I'm not the thin lean woman I always was...now I just look middle aged. I'm ok with it. And, my husband loves this skin, so that's nice considering almost 25 years of marriage.

Yesterday I tried, for the first time, a yoga DVD from Gaiam, called, Gravity and Grace. It's Hatha Yoga, which I love. Or at least its supposed to be Hatha Yoga. Frankly I had a hard time figuring out what this guy was doing - the postures were just plain weird. And hard!! And occasionally impossible for me to contort my body let alone hold it. Still, by the time the 96 minutes were over I felt awesome. So, I'll do it again. But not until I recover - my muscles ache all over. I thought they might.

Thankfully today I have a massage. That is a good thing for my skin. It is also a good thing for these aching muscles. And it's a great thing for my mind and spirit!

Gravity and age are taking their toll on my skin. Some days I barely recognize myself. Some days I don't like it at all. Most days, though, I'm ok with it. I work at staying healthy: mind, body, and spirit. And in that there is grace.