Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Up early this morning to find that the rain has turned to snow. We have an accumulating snow storm, with about an inch or so and it is still snowing. It is beautiful. But a bit frustrating since I have packed everything - even my winter coat - presuming I'd be ok with several layers of fleece.

After all, today is moving day, and I will be active. We spent the weekend packing, with only last minute things to pack today. I begin my new job on Monday, May 2, so I'll be in transition for awhile...and I don't want to offer many details because some folks from my new community and parish stop by this blog. (Hi! Looking forward to meeting you in real life).

The congregation is in a transition of its own - toasting and celebrating the good work of their interim and this transition time. Endings are an important part of transitions - I want to stay under the radar until it's time for me to enter the picture in early May.

I'm also thinking about Holy Week and wondering where I will go to church and when I will go? I doubt there will be a Triduum for me this year...but we can probably manage to get to services (Cathedral? Another church?) for Easter Day. It will be strange to be in transition during this particular week - but rather symbolic, too - travelling, and preparing to begin a new life.

Anyway, that's my day, and a bit about my week. What about you and your week?


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i find myself staving off sickness... (sigh) otherwise i hope things for worship are well in hand. meanwhile... i'm waiting for a fairy godmother or something like her to come clean my house... bwaa haa haaa

blessings on the move(s) this week, both the inner and outward moves that is.

Songbird said...

Blessings on your Holy Week journey, and on the new life being given.
I'm trying to figure out the details of Easter in my new setting, hoping I get things right!

Mirrored Balance said...

My prayers for your move and your new call.

Blessings on you during Holy Week.

altar ego said...

I've experience a Holy Week or two not connected to any particular church, and it is a bit strange. We're changing our Maundy Thursday doings this year to encourage more participation and better attendance. Good Friday we'll do Stations and the GF liturgy. Then sunrise and the usual on Sunday. It's a bittersweet HW for me because of some stuff going on, but I love this week for so many reasons.

Hope you have a good move and find a pew for your prayers and celebrations. Thinking of you during this time of transition.

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