“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, October 14, 2011

RevGal Friday Five

Karla, over at revGals, offers this Friday Five:

In the spirit of Scattered-ness, I offer you a scattery kind of Friday Five:

1. I lose my keys all of the time. Even if they are in my hand, I still am looking for them. Sigh! What is something you chronically looking for, if anything? For me, it is less a matter of looking for something I have misplaced, and more a matter of rushing to get ready to leave and needing to tromp up and down several flights of stairs to get clothing (hanging in the basement laundry room), computer (charging in the office), and so on. It leaves me feeling disorganized because I was too tired the night before to get things in order for the day.

2. What movie are you looking forward to watching sometime in the future? (me, the new Footloose!) We DVR'd the season opener of Grays Anatomy...but haven't watched it, so ow are guessing about pieces of the plot as we watch current episodes. I haven't been able to carve out two hours to watch it.

3. What is one of your favorite comfort foods? (me, pizza. hands down). I'm a comfort beverage person, with a fairly consistent daily routine: coffee in the morning, a cup of Earl Grey in the afternoon with some dark chocolate, carrot juice with dinner (or, if I don't have work to do, a glass of wine), and herbal tea after dinner. My latest favorite teas are from the Yogi brand- stress relief and a sage/lavender blend called relaxed mind. Spool delicious!

4. Story time. Tell us a story of one your favorite people that has touched, blessed your life. Many people have blessed my life. I'm living in a time of thanksgiving and gratitude.

5. What do you do to focus or calm or center yourself? (please, I need ideas!!!) I do yoga using a Gaiam DVD for a twenty minute afternoon routine followed by a 30 minute meditation.

BONUS: Share the first thing (or second thing) that comes to your mind after your read this! I haven't played Friday Five for a couple of weeks because I have been too busy. I am grateful to have a slower morning - able to light a fire in the fireplace, enjoy a cup of coffee, and play.

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