Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five: Organizing!

Jan, over at the RevGalBlogPals blog offers a Friday Five on "organizing."

1. How do you organize? Is there a difference with various objects? I have a variety of ways that I organize, usually based on usage. I like to be mostly clutter-free but I keep small piles of current projects on the corner of my desk. I file away everything else, but my filing system is pretty random. I sometime scoop up a too big pile from my desk and shove it into a cabinet and close the door - just so my office will look clean. At the end of every program year I have to clean out everything, reorganize, and file stuff away. It lasts all summer and then accumulates again as the year wears on....

I have fairly well organized kitchen drawers and cabinets and some that are chaos - like spices  overflowing in a corner cabinet and cooking utensils crammed into a drawer.

2. Do you have any cluttered spots in your office or home? Describe. see above

3. What do you organize well? And not? see above

4. What do you wish to de-clutter? I recently de-cluttered most of my house so it would be acceptable to having a dog sitter live in my house for a week... (without embarrassing me...)  And I also cleaned my office - so for awhile, I'm in pretty good shape. :-)

5. Accomplishments in organizing or de-cluttering: see above.


janintx said...

Terri, you are definitely NOT a "clutter-er" as I tend to be. I admire and want to emulate people like you--and in other ways than organization, I must admit. Thanks for playing. You had an easier time of this than I did.

Pastor Kelly said...

Having someone come to visit or stay in your house is always a good way to get things together.

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