Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the hospital...Thanksgiving

Ten days ago I came to the emergency room of a local hospital suffering from an infection. The root cause, a tooth. The infection lodged itself between the bones off my jaw and skull and the massiter muscle of my check and blossomed out distorted my face; causing great pain and fever. The hospital tried IV antibiotic therapy for 36 hours before doing surgery to drain the site. That was one week ago today. I continue to heal well, grateful for the skill and care of the doctors,, nurses, and staff, not to mention my family.

As I write this I am using a hospital computer, thanks to the generosity of the nursing staff and residents. Three drains remain in my face enabling the remaining infection to drain out. These are slowly being "advanced" or pulled down and out to facilitate draining in the rest of my face (the infection spread up from my jawbone to my temple). They anticipate sending me home on Sunday or Monday, which will have been two weeks in the hospital. I will go home with a picc line so I can continue to give myself IV antibiotics for 6 more weeks.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for all those who have been tending to me and helping me find wholeness and health in mind, body, and spirit.


the good enough mother said...

Wow! I'd wondered where you were. Glad to know you are on the mend and looking on this dreadful experience in the rear view mirror. May you continue to heal quickly.
This is delurking week and I am a recovering lurkier. God Bless!

Marshall said...

God bless and keep you, and return you to health and wholeness.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

I'm delurked here too.

I had a picc line about 18 months ago.

Here's my unsolicited advice that is worth everything you have paid for it.

1) Go to a farm supply store and get the plastic gloves that go up to the shoulder. With medical tape that is water resistant at the top sealing the opening, you can shower using your hand and arm. Get plain plastic, no powder. My arm is shorter than the average glove so I cut the top off to make it the right length. Saran wrap did not work for me the way the nurses said it would.

2) Tube socks with the end cut off make great sleeves to hold the plastic tubing. The tubing swinging drove me nuts. The socks stretched and were comfortable enough. I used the cut off toe part to cushion the tubes at the picc entry (toe part next to skin)

mompriest said...

Thank you for your well wishes and advice. As someone who has been very healthy (for which I give thanks) this has been quite an experience. I will try your suggestions, the hanging "tail" is indeed too much, and the home health nurse hasn't even added the longer line, that comes in a few hours...yes, I have finally home!

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