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Oh God.  In the morning when the light is young I wake up hope full for this new day. Hopeful that I will lean toward  Gratitude
Grateful for people, who help me be the best me I can be
Grateful for sunny days that warm my soul, flip flop days
Grateful despite all that leans in contrast to gratitude
You know: fear, angst, anger, worry especially worry. But YOU,
You, Oh God, come unbidden to remind me, fill me, guide me, help
Me, you help me to abide in peace and remember to be grateful
and take the time to feel gratitude for this gift of life, challenges and joys.
Oh God. In the morning, when the light is young, help me to breathe in fresh air help me to exhale gratitude. Amen.


(photo by Dan Pilarski, Deception Pass, WA, July 29, 2018)
These birds were comfortably grazing on whatever it is they find between rocks and water and silt, on a cool morning, they were mindless

of people walking by and around splashing in the water and searching for seashells or staring out to sea lost in thought

But the dog, although far away and on a leash, came bounding near, with its human in tow and the birds took flight, as if all were one

God of all creation, of life and death who enters our fears, who takes flight with us, who aims to lead us back

God of hope, of life and new life be with us this day, be our calm breeze, the steady hand that leads us
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