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I remember Janauary
A month of bitter cold and snow
when a heatwave meant the temperature
rose above zero degrees fahrenheit
but not until there were three weeks of subzero. This January, predicted to be warmer
by the Farmer's Almanac, and wetter too
is just ridiculously warm. Fifty degree temps
day after day, more like March than January. Now a sudden, dangerous shift is forecast
plunging temps with rain and ice.
Ice storms are the worst. I believe that climate change is real
and that we humans -
given the
care of the earth as if it were
God's body,
God's physical expression
of creativity,
God's gift to us,
- are abusing it. Shame be upon us.
I pray that we can change
and make changes
that restore health
to the earth
and along the way
to all creatures of the earth,
including humankind. God help us.
Amen. Prayer poem and photo by Terri C. Pilarski