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Love Came Down, a Christmas Story

Five generations back, my great grandmother, Hannah, who was three months pregnant, travelled with her young son and daughter, on a rickety small pox infected ship from Manchester, England to Upper New York state. Her daughter died on that ship. She left her husband behind because he had to work to earn money. She also left all of her extended family, parents and brothers, cousins, everyone. She and her son continued their lonely journey across the St. Lawrence seaway by boat and train, eventually ending up near St. Louis. She then walked 1300 miles, in her last trimester of pregnancy, across the plains to her destination, Salt Lake City, Utah. Her baby, my great great grandfather Jacob Chatterton, was born three weeks later. 

I think of my five times great grandmother, and her journey of faith, when I think of Mary on this Christmas Eve night.  I think of their strength. I think of their faith. There are differences of course, my grandmother was an extraordinary human being, but she …

Advent 2

Participating in the Sixteen days of activism to end gender based violence this prayer poem was written and published first in 2010 for Anglican Women's Empowerment in conjunction with the Episcopal Women's Caucus as part of a project with UNWomen and the NCC.

Let us pray for the Spirit of Wisdom to rest upon us  A spirit of understanding and knowledge 
Grant us to live in harmony
God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray for God’s steadfastness to gird our spirit 
May peace prevail like lamb and wolf
Grant us to live in harmony God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray, for voices crying out in the wilderness 
Women living in fear, children hiding
Grant all a place of harmony God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray, repent of harm done to the innocent 
Clear the chaff of abuse and hurt
Bear the Spirit of harmony God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray for the God of hope, joy and peace to fill 
All hearts, one voice glorify
God, prepare the way God’s mercy prevail

Prayer poem and photo by The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski

A prayer for the first week in Advent

Holy and Gracious One, God of our Mothers and Fathers, we give you thanks, this day and every day.
Thank you for this gift of life, a precious blessing, a hope - that we may
magnify Your Name.
Be with us as we labor through this life.
Be with us as we struggle through pain.
Be with us in our suffering.
Be with us through the storms the ice, snow, wind. Real or metaphor.
Be with us this day.
Be with us as we labor to birth new life, whatever that new life might be.
Be with us that we can be your hands and heart in a broken world. Amen
Prayer poem and photo by Terri c. Pilarski