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My Birthday and other things

Today is my birthday. I'm now 51. Funny how this one snuck up on me, busy as I am. Last year I was all freaked out about turning 50 - and this one barely hits the radar....

Besides I am thinking a lot about the shooting at NIU, not too far from where I live - kids from the parish attend school there. As far as I know, all are safe...but six or seven others have died....these shootings are breaking my heart...why are kids thinking this is "good" idea? What are we as a society teaching them? We have some serious work to do.

At the very least, when will we do something about the easy availability of guns - especially high powered automatic guns? I know making them illegal will not solve the problem but it would be a start. Then what about all the violent movies and tv shows? What about the war? What about all the ways we are desensitizing ourselves to violence, pain, suffering? And what about these hurting kids who think actions like this are a solution to their own pain? Yea…

How Can I Do This?

I think the only way I am going to be able to do everything I have to do, and stay in touch with my blogger pals, is to read a few each day. This is different than the read all (almost) of them every day. So, I will start at the top and work my way down, or start in the middle and work my way up and down, etc. and hope to read every one at least once a week.

Last night I completed the draft of my Palm Sunday sermon, the first one I will preach at new church. Today I hope to complete a draft of the Easter sermon....then I need to write my last sermon for small church, which I will preach on March 2. I have also completed a letter of intro for the newsletter at new church and a Holy Week letter for the parish. I have completed the booklet for the Taize service tonight for Lent and had my final meeting with the clergy of this region, for whom I am the Dean.

So, in addition to writing I will also be packing today. And then I am off for the Lenten program. Another busy day.

A Change???

Someone said this to me awhile ago: here is how things work, in this country we have a hierarchy and it goes like this:

white man (our first choice)

black man (our next best choice)

white woman (a third option)

black woman (a fourth option)

all the other "minorities" (when all else fails???)...

Just makes me wonder if this is really about change or just following our comfort level?

Just wondering...

Remember You Are Dust...Remember You Are Christ's

A reflection for Lent 1

I invite you, therefore, in the name of the Church, to the observance of a holy Lent. On Ash Wednesday these words are followed by the imposition of ashes, and mark the beginning of Lent. The ashes remind us that we are human, made by God from the very substance of creation, remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.

All across the country this year Ash Wednesday services were cancelled, including here. So, this morning we offered each of you the opportunity to begin Lent with the imposition of ashes. A simple act, but it serves as a reminder that Lent has begun and we are called to make this time holy.

Once I have said these words I find them echoing in my head. And in the reverberations of my mind I think….what does it mean to observe a holy Lent? And, am I doing it?

(Ok, the tool bar is NOT working. I cannot spell check, or add ita

Thankfully the Ash Wed liturgy points toward what this might mean by laying out the following criteria:

We are to observe a …

Marked as Christ's Own

This morning Bishop Katharine preached on the Transfiguration of Jesus. She called it a "revealing moment" when God shone forth as a reminder that we are all beloved of God. She then proceeded to baptize Baby Z and Little L. M2 was so generous - letting the Godmother's (Moi and LG) hold the babies. We processed in carrying them and held them through out the service, including the baptism when Bishop Katharine poured water over their tiny heads. We used the baptism liturgy from the New Zealand Prayer Book. It was amazing. Here are some photos....

Bishop Katharine processing in:

I Will With God's Help...

I baptize you in the name of...(Baby Z)

M2 with Baby Z, Bishop Katharine, Moi with Little L, LG

Baby Z has sleep apnea (common with preemies) so, she is on a monitor...