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The Strike for Climate Change

I couldn't participate in the climate strike because I had a funeral, celebrating the life of a man that many people knew and loved. That's a good thing. For life is precious and should be celebrated.
Still, in this season of creation, I am keenly aware of the intersecting points of life and how we humans choose to live for better or worse.
And so, the strike for climate change - a powerful witness from the youth of this world, begging for a future.
And my reading lately, crosses the intersection of poverty, environment, and racism...
And thus, how it is that some of us can live as if our actions have no impact because we are colorblind to the many ways that systemic racism lives in the policies and practices and norms of every day life.
The poor, the marginalized, are those least likely to have the power to influence laws, policies, and rules.
Thus, the job falls on those who do. Which is why the kids strike. And why we all need to increase our awareness of self and other or face the consequences of ex…

What is prayer?

What is prayer? A moment of silence Listening for a word Listening for direction Listening for hope Listening for rhythm Listening for the Divine.
A feeling of peace When chaos abounds When there is noise all around When inside is in turmoil When the thrumming never ends But somehow, peace prevails.
What is prayer? Spending a moment Anticipating God Trusting in love and willing to follow.
What is prayer? This beautiful day. The lavender sky. The cool breeze at dawn. The bird song welcoming the sun.
What is prayer? The indigo sky with glowing stars. The crickets singing the night song. The evening creatures nibbling clover. The orange moon slowly rising.
What is prayer? My time to sit and be with God and let go of everything else for just a moment.
What is prayer? This moment. May it be so.
Amen. Prayer poem and photo by Terri C. Pilarski