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Friday Five: Transformations

Sculpture is called "Expansion" by Paige Bradley.  You can read more about it and its creation here. MaryBeth, over at RevGals offers this beautiful image and Friday Five: For today's Friday Five, share five occasions or events in your life that have been turning points...when you have felt like a new thing was being born. You can refer to the birth of children, career, your kitchen garden, or whatever moves you.   1.  Top on my list is the call I received to come to this church in Dearborn. No doubt this has been a call of birth and new life. I am blessed to be in a creative, energetic, progressive parish where I most fully able to be authentic as a priest and as a person. I love that in addition to all of the ways in which I love being here vocationally, I can also walk most anyplace I need to go and I can garden too. It's a holistic place for me, new life in many ways.
2. CREDO II - my recent experience at CREDO II afforded me an opportunity to rest in truly deep wa…

Baptized we are like seeds in God's garden

Life is Fragile, Love is Strong

This sermon was inspired by mothers I know who shared with me their pain of losing a child to suicide, and given at a funeral over which I presided recently. Some of the basic structure of the sermon was also inspired from

Who would have thought, just a few days ago, that we would be here tonight?  This has been an especially difficult few days.  
Days like these remind us that life is so very fragile.  One moment all seems well, and the next moment a sudden heart attack strikes. Or a moment of distracted driving and an accident happens. Or an historic tornado blows through town. Or a there’s a bombing or a shooting. Lives are lost in a moment of time. Life is fragile.
For Steven, his life too was fragile, and now, in an instant, he’s gone.
And no one could have predicted just how vulnerable Steven was. 
Perhaps some of you are feeling guilty or questioning what you could have done to help Steven more? The truth is, ever…

Life is so very fragile....

Move Your Feet in Love