Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

  • Monday, my day "off."
  • Ryan leaves for Afghanistan at 10:30am Eastern time for a 16month deployment
  • I think he may be "safer" in Afghanistan than Baghdad?
  • This is really difficult, I worry about the safety and well being of our troops, so young.
  • In three weeks I turn 50
  • How does one celebrate a 50th? A big party or a quiet day?
  • I'm having dreams that I am in the midst of a Tsunami (really!)
  • We have our big annual church meeting in two weeks
  • What will we choose to do, live or die?
  • I am in five search process, two haven't contacted me since before Christmas - so they may be over, two are in the very early stages, and one, well I would really like the one
  • I use to preach without a text. Ok, I'd write the text, but I'd internalize the content and not use the notes...
  • I use to meditate twice every day
  • Now I am just a muddle
  • I have been off antibiotics for a week, no sign of the infection returning (that's really good)
  • I continue to try and rally this parish and hope they find what excites them
  • I am getting more involved with refugee ministries
  • I want to build a teen center in our church for the middle schoolers, we have two middle schools within a mile of the church, and nothing for kids to do after school, no community center
  • I appreciate RevGals and the community there
  • The Bears made it to the SuperBowl
  • Until Sept. 2, 2007, Saturn is opposing my"sun" and conjuncting my "ascendent" which, if you care about astrology, helps explain the muddle and intensity of my life - me I know a fair amount about astrology, from a previous life interest, but I don't know if I believe it.
  • There is snow on the ground, if I had a fireplace I'd light a fire and drink coffee and read all morning. Instead I have to exercise then go into the office to take care of some newcomer packets, then find some way to enjoy my "day off."


Cathy said...

Wow you have a lot going on! No wonder you are dreaming about tsunamis!

Songbird said...

I appreciate your musings, and hope the infection stays away, the church chooses well, the search process proves true and the young man stays safe.

Songbird said...

And even though I'm four years away from it, I was thinking just this morning that when I turn 50, I want to throw a big party!

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