Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Topics: Talk Amongst Yourselves

Yesterday, my so called "day off" was a flurry of activity - way too busy. From seeing an attorney in the morning regarding my illness and whether I ought to pursue a law suit (I don't want too, but it seems I do have a case of dentist neglect which made the condition worse). Then a lunch meeting, then a Dr. appt with my son, then a long phone interview with the search committee for a potential new call. Geez. so today, while not my day off, will be much more relaxing. I only have to pay bills on line, write a sermon, organize my thoughts for the annual meeting on Sun. exercise, maybe go to dog park (cold and snowy, so not muddy). And then another Dr. appt with my son (chiropractor, TMJ and headaches)....

Here's the topic:

When your day off isn't a day off, do you take another one that same week?

How do you find the space and time for rest and renewal when really busy?

Can one find sabbath time in just a few minutes or hours of a day? Does it "count" to zone out on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a purring kitten?


Rachel Rev said...

Hello. Thanks for your comment on my blog. And thanks for your post today. Sabbath. Day Off. Rest. These have been concerns on my heart continually. I blogged about it ome two months ago at http://anewwind.blogspot.com/2006/11/sleep-sabbath-surrender.html We so often confuse Sabbath with Day Off, and they are very different things. Unfortunately, we so often confuse them. Or worse, take time for neither. We need to remember to care for ourselves. So take care of you.

You Windy City colleague,

mompriest said...

Glad to know you are home safe and well from your adventures to the Holy Land.

And yes, point well taken. A day off and sabbath time are not the same, as my day off proves - filled with busyness.

When possible I do try to make my one day off holy, with intentional rest, reflection, and renewal, which I think is more in line with keeping the sabbath...Donna Schaper has written a good book on the topic, title of which I forget...probably worth getting and reading again.

Songbird said...

When I was at Small Church, we had an understanding that after the two busy seasons of the year (Easter and Christmas) I would take some "comp" time in the following week. This might amount to 1-3 days, but it gave me a sense of recuperation that I really appreciated. I rarely managed to take off a different day, but my day off is Friday, so it's loaded at the other end of the week.

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