Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tunes on Thursday

I spent a small part of my morning wandering through a music store looking to use a gift card from Christmas. Thursday mornings I have a standing appointment about 40 minutes from my house. It's a good time to listen to music while I drive, and I'm always looking for new music and groups to listen too.

I thought about buying an Elton John (oh, too many choices since I don't have any CD's of his, just old albums). I thought about Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of my fav groups...I have their best of and love it, but no, not exactly what I had in mind. I looked at Dixie Chicks, another fav, but I only have their new one, Home By Another Way, and I don't know if I'd like their older stuff. I briefly considered ColdPlay, but couldn't find them (didn't look very hard). Eventually I settled on the new Indigo Girls two disk CD. I chose this because I heard them interviewed on the radio about the CD and I've been meaning to pick it up...I heard a few tracks, in the car on my way home from the mall, but so far I like it!

Mostly I only listen to music in the car or at the office. Although when I was in the hospital last Nov. for 11 days I had my husband bring a CD player and some CD's. In the hospital I listened to classical (Mozart) and Celtic...soothing, relaxing music, good to knit by or read the paper. And sometimes I listen to Mozart in the car, but mostly I like my rock or alternative rock. I especially like good lyrics and a good tune, but no heavy stuff - makes my nerves rattle. And that makes for bad driving.

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Cathy said...

Mozart's birthday is Saturday January 27 --- 250 years old!

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