Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday What If's

Is this a good idea, to spend Wednesday's wondering about what ifs? Somehow I doubt it, but it is where the stillness led me so I'm willing to check it out and see. May be a very short lived segment of my writing and musings...

I use to think that God had a plan and that all I had to do was figure out God's plan for me and I could make the right choices and decisions in my life, and all would be good. But as a result I would also struggle over decisions, should I do this or that? Then one day a good friend of mine said, "You know, God gives us choices, and God will go with us wherever we choose to go. In this way God continues to create and re-create with us as co-creators in the process."

So, now I worry less about making the one "right" decision. Instead I aim to spend time discerning where God is in my life and making the best decision I can with the information I have, trusting that God will go with me. But that also means there is lots of possibility in life.

What if Al Gore were President? Where would our country and the world be right now?

What if Gene Robinson had never been elected Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire?

What if my mother had not had dental surgery that day? Would she still have had the heart attack and died that night?

What if my parents had not divorced and I had stayed in Salt Lake City? Would I have found my way to the Episcopal Church anyway? Would I be priest?

What if????

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Songbird said...

I have these days, too.

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