Approaching 50 Countdown

Ok, as of today I am officially two weeks from my 50th birthday. I initially started this blog as a place to process my thoughts as I approach this landmark year. In the days since September and the birth of this blog I have already had experiences that surpass any of my previous 49-1/2 years;

  1. In October I attended the first gathering of women clergy in the Episcopal Church:IMAGINE, held in Kanuga, NC
  2. Our new Presiding Bishop attended the conference
  3. Also in Oct. I was nominated to be the EMM Refugee Program Liaison for my diocese, working closely with Episcopal Migration Ministries and Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministry and local churches to help resettle refugees
  4. In Nov. I got very sick, with a terrible infection, which landed me in the hospital for 11 days. I am still recovering, the numbness remains in my chin and lip, a symptom of the infection.
  5. In December I started seeing a Chiropractor for the first time, ever. He has really helped me feel well, using a holistic approach to healing. (I've only had one traditional adjustment, mostly he does accupressure).
  6. I've been working with a Jungian Analyst who is helping me sort out my dreams and discern my call. He happens to be ordained as guy.
  7. My most recent dream: while on retreat with our vestry we are caught in a Tsunami. I am washed away and led up the embankment by a man, a guide, my inner "male" side being developed???
  8. I lost 15 pounds while being sick...I wonder if I will gain it back. Either way is ok.

So, now I am two weeks away from the big day...and the countdown begins....

(I know, there is lots of life after 50....but one still needs to make it through and past that exact day....)....


Songbird said…
That's a great dream. I spent many years in Jungian Analysis; it was wonderful.
Cathy said…
Being 50 just gets better!

Kanuga - is a wonderful place - I have been to several conferences there.
Tripp Hudgins said…
I see a Jungian guru as well. Lovely.

And congrats on the almost birthday!

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