Friday Five

Friday Five: American Idols
Yes, it's true. I've been watching Season Six of American Idol with my daughter, our first time dipping into this particular well of pop culture. In the spirit of believing you can do anything, as the auditioners so clearly do, please fill in the following five blanks.

1) If I could sing like anyone, it would, Julie Andrews? Norah Jones? the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks? Not really sure...

2) I would love to sing the song ..I tried to sing lullabies to my kids when they were babies, couldn't stay on pitch. I'd love to sing the Exultet at the Great Vigil, but I just don't have the vocal stamina to make it through and stay on pitch and do it I just chant a simple tone version of the Eucharistic prayer, I can do that!

3) It would be really cool to sing at.....The Great Vigil, The Passion on Good Friday...I don't really have any fantasies of singing...I did sing with a bluegrass band in college, that was fun (just local bar stuff, but fun singing).

4) If I could sing a dream duet it would be with the lead singer from Cold Play...Chris Martin (?).

5) If I could sing on a TV or radio show, it would be Sesame Street ('cuz they sing fun stuff)...or maybe a cool powerful song on Greys Anatomy.

But actually, I'd rather dance - I always watch the dance shows - I've never watched American give me music and I'll dance before I'll sing.


Songbird said…
As I mentioned elsewhere, Sesame Street was a close second for me!
Sally said…
Good play- and to sing with Cold Play would be awesome- but I'd have to hum in the background!!!
Iris said…
The great thing about babies is that they don't care if you're off key!
Deb said…
ROFL... Sesame Street! But hey, why not? You get great exposure!
Cathy said…
I have sung the Exultet for several Easter Vigils - seemingly simple, but it sure can be more difficult than it seems.

Sesame Street would be a fun place to sing!
revabi said…
So um you and reverend mother would be on sesame street? And who would you dance with?

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