Monday Morning Musings

Once again my day off rolls around, and with a phone interview tonight for a potential new call, it won't really be a day off.
  • I am walking the parallel path doing two things at once - discerning the path for the parish I presently serve (should I "priest-up" and stay or is it better to leave, in which way will the work that needs to be done get done?)
  • The second path is discerning a call to another parish - I am in six searches now (or three, since I haven't heard from a few of them in awhile, but then that happens). It takes a long time to go through the search process and I can't really wait until the place I am at runs out of money....although that is pretty much now anyway...
  • We had our annual meeting yesterday that included lots of fun but also some difficult work. I now need to work with the leadership team to turn our work into something tangible.
  • The church treasurer is really mad that the meeting yesterday (annual) was focused on discerning and not problem solving. He wanted answers, decisions, and conclusions. Because in some ways the writing is on the wall. But as I said to him, we (vestry, leadership, treasurer, have been talking about this for months, but the parish is not in the same place, we need to bring them up to speed).
  • I am really trying to get the parish to see for themselves what is happening and then to find within themselves the enthusiasm to move forward.
  • I'm tired.
  • Schools are closed today because of the wind chill (that's never happened).
  • So, no time alone on a day off to be in a quite house, to process the events of yesterday, and to prepare for the interview tonight.
  • I will just have to make the most of the situation.


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