Monday Morning Musings

Ok, it actually isn't morning anymore. Another day off "working," writing reports from my weekend work. I spent the weekend as a group facilitator for a team of "listeners" who were discerning a group of "aspirants" and their call to ordained ministry. It's a very cool job, being the facilitator, I love group work and do it well. So, now I've been busy writing up the group report, a summary of what the individual listeners heard and experienced combined with the group experience.

Now, I've exercised, eaten, and am about to move onto answering essay questions for a search committee. Only three questions for which they want thoughtful but concise answers, no page limit. I've done this eight times in the last two years, as I discern a new call (and vice versa), so I have quite a file of answers. Still these three questions will require me to start from scratch....they don't quite fit any of the previously asked and answered questions, (of which I must have probably 50 questions and answers)....

It is a beautiful snowy day, a blizzard expected tomorrow. I need to get my dogs out, if possible. And I really need the search process to come to a fruitful conclusion so I can have a real day off.


Songbird said…
Oh, they are such good dogs!
We are expecting the blizzard a day after you, and I hope it really hits us. We could use a Snow Day around here.
revabi said…
Are those beautiful dogs yours? And are they helping you with all that paperwork?

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