Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

Monday. My day off. After a week of celebrating my 50th B-D I need to exercise and eat well, s0 I'm taking a real day off! I need to rest before the busy week kicks in.

  • Tuesday set up church for Lent (a big deal, we change a lot), plus a meeting with the regional clergy, and then set up and participate in Shrove Tues. celebration to raise funds for refugee families.

  • Wed - Ash Wed., 'nuff said.

  • Thursday - meetings, dentist (yikes first visit since my infection last fall, new dentist...) and prepare for vestry retreat. Also, tea with my women's clergy group - yeah!!!

  • Friday - work in office for Sunday set up, pack and leave for vestry retreat

  • Sat. Vestry retreat and meeting...

Oh, and I need to write a homily for Ash Wed. and a sermon for Sunday....

But on this day off I am going to rest. walk dogs. blog. read. maybe go out for lunch?

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