Monday Morning Musings

Lots going on...

  • I've figured out how to update blog with a "photo" in my profile that appears whenever I leave a comment *LOL* too fun...

  • I have figured out how to add links for the blogs I read often, making it easier for me to get to them

  • I have a search committee making a site visit to small church in April...

  • our music director will be gone the day they visit

  • I need to find a good substitute musician

  • working with a new person on that day just makes me even more anxious

  • and, how will I manage these folks visiting while not revealing everything to "small church"

  • plus....I'm fighting with my husband...

  • me and husband usually get along well, fighting is not typical for us...but sometimes I think times of deep change can only be birthed after struggle and "labor"

  • I have a headache...why...'cuz I'm fighting with husband, not sleeping well, anxious

  • so. day. off.

  • maybe exercise will help me feel better.


Sally said…
prayers for blessings and peace- hope the headache soon goes.
mompriest said…
I managed to exercise and am now going to lunch and shopping with daughter. Headache, somehow all will be well. Thanks Sally for your kind thoughts and prayers.
Songbird said…
Thinking of you, although it's later in the day. The times of transition, or hoped-for transition, are hard on everyone.
Mary Beth said…

did you know the search committee thing was addressed in Ask the Matriarch not too long ago?


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