Thursday, March 29, 2007

Read in AARP

Yikes, yes, I'm now 50, which means I've been given an offer to subscribe to AARP (I think it stands for American Association of Retired Persons/People)....and well, I am a long way from retirement....but recently I picked up the mag in my chiropractors office and read an article of Optimism...or pessimissim, depending on how read the article.

What really stood out for me was the section on "Emoticon for Pessimists." Now, I am really an optimist, almost a "pollyanna," but I must admit pessimism is ok sometimes too. So, here are the Emoticons:

"I'm sad."


"Princess Leia is sad"

"Everyday is a bad hair day" (My favorite)

"Why bother"

"Colonel Sanders is dead"

oo oo o

"The big bus of life squashes everyone."

Ok, so there you have it, pessimist emoticons....

But, I'm sure you all will just hate them.....
Oh, wait...actually no one will even read this post....
let alone leave a comment...


hipchickmamma said...

goading always works to get a response!


count me in on

(i couldn't find the curvey line!) 4?

too funny!:>)

mompriest said...

Oh, you're just trying to make me feel better.... :-(

and it might be working...

Kievas said...

The Princess Leia one was my favorite!

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