Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Deep Relaxation

While at CREDO I had the opportunity to have two massages in one week. As someone who once worked as a Massage Therapist I was thrilled at this opportunity. I also knew I really needed one. (Or as it turned out, two...).

The first treatment was Wednesday. It was a good massage. But I did not relax. My body remained tense, my mind on high alert. I was not too surprised. My last massage was over the summer, many months ago. It has been too long since I had one. And way too much stuff has happened. 11 days in the hospital. Managing five search processes for a new parish. Guiding my existing parish through rugged terrain of grief and worry. Too much strain. Too much anxiety.

So. I had a second massage on Friday. That time I relaxed deeply. Fully. My body just let go of all the strain it was holding on to. Instead of perpetually tapping my toe and bouncing my leg while sitting, I am able to sit still. Able to think more clearly. Able to be quiet and listen to God.

I should have known. I did "body work" for nine years. I know the impact and effect of stress on our bodies. But my massage therapist moved away. I got a referral to another, but she was having surgery. I have been remiss in finding another one.

Now. I know. I need to take care of this. Now. The well being of my body, mind, and spirit, depend on it.


Songbird said...

What a gift!
I try to get to the massage therapist once a month, and I really feel it when I don't.

hipastorzwife2B said...

My sister is a massage therapist...its great to have one in the family.

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