Friday, May 25, 2007

A fifteenth birthday

If we were Latin we would be celebrating a quincenera tonight, our sons 15th birthday....he was born 15 years ago today, on Memorial Day, at 12:45am, yup, just barely into the day. I was the last woman in to the maternity ward that night, arriving about midnight...but I was the first to deliver. I told them when I arrived, and could barely think or walk ('cuz I was in transition damn it...I mean, well, if you've ever been in transition you know it's an altered state of being...). Anyway. I told them. no more history, this baby is ready! within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital he was born.

Alas, the cord was around his neck it was - mid labor - "stop pushing" I had no meds. And really the pain was not bad. (my first was back labor all the way, that was intense, very intense, but this one, piece of cake...)...anyway. Stop pushing. I did. but it was tough. His apgar was 9, and then 9. So. good. But they took him for 8 hours to make sure he was ok. Me I slept about two hours, and then the phone calls. My mother. (May she rest in peace)...etc etc...I came home the next day. Felt great.

What a Memorial Day. And now, we celebrate it again. 15 years later...time really flies.

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