Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Shadow

Our sweet black cat, named Shadow by our son, loves to sit on top of the computer monitor and watch the curser and/or letters as I type. I imagine she would love to "catch" them. She is actually quite good at catching. Flies in mid air. Once, sitting on top of the refrigerator she got a spider as it trailed down from the ceiling fan. She lept off the frige, smacked the spider between her two front paws, in mid air, and landed on the floor where she played with the stunned spider. Eventually bored, she let it escape. (great, now I need to find it) amusing. But best of all she likes to curl up in my lap while I type, fall asleep, and purr...sigh.

1 comment:

revabi said...

Good shadow. Really good cat.I

I will with God's help....uncomplicating the complicated

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