Day One

Monday, my first day of vacation.

I read blogs for a long time.

I did some blog correspondance.

I thought a bit about a project I want to do in the fall.

I washed my kitchen floor.

Worked out. My work out DVD has three levels of work out for Abs, Upper Body, and legs. I only do the ab and upper body, because I walk my dogs 40 minutes a day, which takes care of the legs...yesterday I did the most vigorous level. Today I am sore. But not as sore as I thought, just my triceps - "so they won't jiggle when I wave 'goodbye'" which is what she reminds me over and over in the workout...

Saw my chiropractor who continues to help me heal from my big illness last fall. When I had a bad infection and caused me to have surgery to drain the infection (inn my jaw and up the side of my face) and to be hospitalized for 11 days. The right side of my lip and chin are still healing. The nerve remains damaged, I feel numb there. The chiropractor does this "energy" stuff with magnets that look like blunt pencils and then hooks me up to an electicity machinge that "stimulates' my jaw muscles. It is working.

Did some grocery shopping. It has to be done.


Went looking at paint samples for a variety of project.

Walked the dogs.

Had tacos for dinner (homemade).

Did some more blogging.

Went to the library.

Picked up my son.

Took a shower. Went to bed.

Ok. not very exciting. But, it's what I did.

On the agenda for today: much the same, add "clean bedroom..." (move furniture, purge closet, etc.)


Jan said…
You've done a lot! And a lot more than me today!
Diane said…
but sounds wonderful (esp. homemade tacos!)

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