Jumping to Conclusions

A few nights ago my daughter decided to make brownies. My daughter is almost 19, and making treats late at night is common for her. She often makes them, not for her family, but for her friends at the barn. The barn where she rides horses and trains and works. She is known for her fabulous brownies and chocolate chip cookies. But, we, her family, usually get nothing.

Well, except the dishes. It is quite common for her to leave the pans in the sink for me to clean up in the morning. It seems that it is enough for her that she has cleaned up the bowl and spoons, so the pan is just too much.

On this particular night I happened to have a headache so I got up late to take a Tylenol PM. And, of course, there in the sink was the pan, and the spatula. She was in the shower. So I left a note on her bed asking her to please clean up and leave the sink as clean as I had it, before she made brownies...

The next morning I awoke to find a note waiting for me...one the told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was "jumping to conclusions" to assume that she was going to leave the dishes in the sink....

Of course. I must have been jumping to conclusions. Founded on nothing. I mean the FACT that every morning she goes to work leaving her cereal bowl in the sink, not the dishwasher, is just irrelevant...I obviously have no facts to back me up, I just jump to conclusions.

Now. I write this, not to pick on my daughter, nor to work out our mother-daughter stuff.

I write this because, well, others may wonder if I am prone to jumping to conclusions. Perhaps....

But I still think there is evidence to support the conclusions I jump too.


Even if those same conclusions are eventually not correct.



Diane said…
I don't think you jump to conclusions.

like the story.

pure teenage.
Anonymous said…
I have a 17 year old daughter... and we have the same conversation every other day. I keep my sanity... by waiting for the day... when Sugar moves out... walks into her own kitchen in a hurry to cook something... sees the mess she made... and has the epiphany... no wonder momma always used to tell me to clean up after myself. I'm just sad :( that I probably won't be there to see the light come on!
Mary Beth said…
You are not jumping to conclusions; you are acting on the basis of conditioning.

Kids can be so darn snarky!

I know it all too well with 18 year old boy, just moved out.

Except he didn't cook; he microwaved stuff and ate in his room, then returned dirty (sometimes moldy oldy!!) dishes to the sink, not even putting water in them to soak.

After numerous warnings I started taking them upstairs and putting them in his bed.

Yeah, I'm that sick & twisted.
Cathy said…
If I didn't know better, this is a post I could have written.

Been there!!!
mompriest said…
Mary Beth, my husband threatens to do that too, probably should.

I really thought I was making progress when I got them (yeah, our 15 y/o son does it too) to put their dishes in the sink.

But add water? put them in the dishwasher?

Just, way too much effort. After all they live busy lives, right?

Yeesh. Thanks all y'all for understanding!
Anonymous said…
Not looking forward to the teenage years...our daughter is currently 6 going on 16!
mompriest said…
Kievas, and then when they are 16 you could swear some days they are six again...or two..or 30.

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