Friday, August 03, 2007

Millenium Park

Last night I here:here. It's called Millenium Park and all summer long free outdoor concerts are held.

I took the train in and brought my 15 year old son and his friend along. We had a 10 block walk from the train station to the park through the city. I went to meet my friend from NYC and while she and I were listening to some fine Jazz and Blues my son was allowed to wander the park. He could go nowhere else and he had to meet me back at a specified location in one hour. He, of course, loved the freedom. I got to have some time with my friend, whom I only see once a year.

It was a great night, perfect weather.

During the walk I had all these memories: of the years I worked in the City. Of boat rides and train trips and various jobs. I've been here 35 years. I've known this friend for 27 of those years. Lots of memories. Good ones. Some of the memories were about how much nicer, cleaner, prettier the city looks. Live plants, trees, and flowers everywhere. It's really incredible. And the park is awesome!

The park was filled with people out having a good time. Many of them with a picnic of various foods and beverages. Lots of couples with bottles of wine (so sweet). People from all over the world, taking pictures. And to think. I live here. It is an amazing city.

Dave Specter put together and led the "band". It was a big band made up various Blues and Jazz artists, with the idea that Jazz grew out of the Blues, so this concert highlighted that process. It was fabulous. I love both Blues and Jazz.

A very nice night out. I hope to go down one night next week and take my husband, who has yet to see Millenium Park. Looking forward to another nice night out.


Barbara B. said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

mmm once upon a time i used to live there... in days when i would have been part of those sweet young couples sipping wine and believing the universe centered on me... those were the days!

it is a great city and we almost did head there for vacation...

Diane said...

Chicago Tribune had some very nice things to say about Minnesota this week.

I love Millenium Park. We were there a couple of years ago, in July.

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