Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Praying

The very core
of my being
yearns to pray

I cannot.
Not with words
nor without words.

dried up
shriveled bone
how did I get here?

If I could
I'd pray for
those on the bridge.

those who died
those who lived
those who are lost

for the families
for the friends
for the community.

The images
rip me open
tears form deep

don't let me
start (crying)
I may not stop.

I wake up
4 in the morning

the images of
of broken lives

impale my soul
gasping for air
I cry out.

people die
who yearn to live

people live
yearn to die

it just is
it just

my soul
yearns to pray.
I cannot.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting...I have been experiencing this but not finding the words.

Jan said...

Thank you for expressing what we cannot so often. I hope it is okay to copy this to re-read on my own.

Diane said...

this is a gut-wrenching poem. so truthful.

mompriest said...

Jan, please feel free to copy and re-read.

diane, some days are like this....

RevDrKate said...

Thank you. I am feeling this tonight. Just can't get there, good to know we are not alone.

Cathy said...

When I cannot pray, I remember what one told me once. Let me pray FOR you.

Sometimes when we cannot pray, it gives someone the opportunity to pray the prayers FOR you. I will be honored to do that for you.

One day you can do the same....

lj said...

I echo what Cathy said: the communion of saints means that prayers are always arising.

But I would add, you are praying -- beautifully. The desire to pray itself is prayer. This poem is prayer.
Thank you!

mompriest said...

Cathy, thank you. Please pray for me. and I will do the same for you one day.

lj, thanks for the reminder. I trust that, but it helps to be reminded.

Nancy said...

lj expressed my thought exactly. Prayer can take many forms, sometimes a prayer or a song, or even a single word.

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