Music Meeting

Our music ministry meeting went well.
1.We decided to proceed with the idea of using Cantors to support the congregational singing and to have a choir whenever we have a critical mass available.
2.We're going to create a schedule with set dates for a full choir (based on availability) and a rehearsed choral anthem! (Two-part).
3.We'll begin to sing the Psalms in Sept. We'll use one basic psalm tone technique through Pentecost, then increase the complexity for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, then increase the complexity again in Lent, and so on until we can sing them well.
4.We looked through all of our Hymn resources and selected hymns we like and can sing so I can catalogue them for use on a given Sunday.

All in all a good meeting.

However, no one has responded to me email about the essay, "This I Believe..."

I'm going to have nudge and niggle and prompt folks to understand this one. I'm sure they'll love it when it's done, it's just getting them started. Thanks to grace-thing who clued me in that it was hard for group to get going, so I anticipate it will be difficult for this one. I really do hope we can pull it off....


Diane said…
kudos to you... so far. prayer in the journey.
have you ever considered having members of your congregation write a daily devotional for a season? Advent/Lent...
You already have so many good ideas...
I love the "this I believe" one... is getting me started too!
mompriest said…
I'd like to do that. We'll see how well we manage to get some folks to write essays for "I Believe"...and then maybe we can go on from there.
RevDrKate said…
Good for you on the music! You got an amazing amount accomplished! If you are still interested in the "blessing of gifts" liturgy piece let me know and I'll start digging for it.

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