Two More Days of Vacation: What I've Been Doing

Well. Not the most exciting vacation...but certainly productive.

Tuesday, according to plan I blogged. Then I exercised, Level One, so the easiest level. Then I cleaned by bedroom, including the big walk in closet, and rearranged the furniture. I mean, I CLEANED. Under, over, and in between, including curtains and all the bedding. So, very nice.

Poor Roxie, my older dog, the lab-mix...she was a little off from moving the furniture. Even though her dog bed stayed in its regular spot all the rest of the room changed. Now, instead of being at the foot of the bed she was next to my nightstand...she refused to sleep in her bed. But, thankfully, sometime in the middle of the night she "gave" in, I found her snug in her bed when I woke up this morning. To my surprise, Ruby, seemed unaffected. I would have guessed the opposite. Who, knows?

Then, despite my Friday Five, and because we are in a week long run of 90+ temperatures, I turned the A/C on.

Today I got up early and walked the dogs while it was (relatively) cool out. Still very warm and muggy. Then. I came home and cleaned the litter boxes and disinfected the area around the boxes (bleach and water). Then I shampooed the rug in the basement game/exercise room and all the carpeting on the main level (4 big rooms). I have a steam cleaner and try to do this every three months....(ahem, I try...). With wall to wall carpet (which I do not like) and two cats, two dogs, two kids, and two adults, our carpeting takes a beating.

Then I showered, manicured my nails and joined a friend for lunch at Olive Garden. I was so hungry, hadn't eaten yet. We had a nice lunch (salad and pizza with Target to get her registered for her upcoming baby showers. This friend is a single woman about to have twins (Jan). She has tried for years to conceive (IVF). Finally. She is of course freaking out that she going to have twins. She begged them to only implant one - but no - it is their "policy" to implant two. So, there she is...two viable little ones growing in her. She's 14-15 weeks, I think. Oh my. I'm glad I live near by. She is going to need some help this winter. She hopes to hire a doula. But as I said she is a single woman and she is a minister at a small church. Limited income for sure. The leadership at her church knows. Soon the whole congregation will know. So far, very supportive. I hope that continues.

Anyway, there I was looking at strollers and high chairs and car seats and baby bottles (she'll nurse, but with twins, she may need some help)...and clothes. It was fun. My own kids are nearly grown. I don't envy her a bit. But I am happy for her.

For the rest of the day. Blog. Read. Make dinner. Relax.

Tomorrow. Work with my son to do a deep cleaning on his room. Then meet a friend in Chicago for a glass of wine and a good conversation. (I'll take the train, no drinking and driving).

So far a good blend of hard, but needed work, and rest. Not bad...


Jan said…
I am certainly impressed with ALL your cleaning!! You are doing a good job. Also, you are being a good friend to your pregnant friend. I'm glad you are sticking by her.
mompriest said…
Thanks. Can you imagine how she must feel?...
Mother Laura said…
How wonderful that your friend has you in her court. Maybe you could be her labor companion instead of or in addition to a professional doula? My closest friends and I did this for each other, holding sacred space intentionally as well as nurturing the labor-er, and found it very powerful on all sides.
mompriest said…
ML, I just may end up her labor coach. We'll see. I do have a massage therapy background, and I birthed two of my own, one with back labor (and therefore some meds to ease the unbelievable pain) and one with out any meds. What I would have given for a massage therapist with that back labor... oh my.

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