September 11, 2001

Six years ago:
* I had been ordained one year
* I had just left large wealthy resource parish to become solo pastor of small fractious church
* I had been solo pastor for exactly six weeks
* My daughter left early for school (8th grade)
* My husband called me from work to see if I was watching the news (no)
* Our son was just about to get on the bus, literally. So, off he went. Had it been a few minutes later I would have kept him home.
* The schools went on lock-down. The kids knew little or nothing.
* I began a phone tree to every member of the parish inviting them to a prayer vigil that night.
* We gathered. We prayed. We celebrate the Eucharist. We wept. We felt gleamed hope from being together. My homily that night reflected on the randomness of evil and the hopefulness of God's faithfulness - God always comes into the midst of chaos and seeks to restore life, order, new life, hope....
* It was an auspicious start to a challenging call.


RevDrKate said…
Amen to your prayers, they are mine as well.
Diane said…
yes, wonderful prayer... and thanks for your memories.
Grace thing said…
Powerful. Your description of that day is very a challenge for a new priest. My prayers echo yours. I like what you chose to preach about that hard to come with words...
Anonymous said…
MayB MayB Not said…
Amen, and Amen ... good words then and now.

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