Gratitude Day 3

This morning has not been easy. My husband was in a terrible mood. Because of the snow. Or so it seemed. It may be that he was just in bad mood. He often is these days. I understand. I spent two years in a bad mood. Now, it seems it's his turn. And, it's my turn to be patient. He has his reasons. Working two jobs and still facing a mound of debt is reason enough. Being 50 and feeling like a failure, is another, for him. It is difficult to be a man in our society. So much pressure to "succeed." I gently try to remind him that his life is full of success: a good marriage, two good children...just for starters...that's something, I think.

Anyway, the start to this day is not what I anticipated. Life is like that sometimes....So. Now to spend some time reflecting on what I am grateful for today.

I am grateful for the snow. It's beautiful. I always love snow this time of year. It adds flavor to Advent, enhances the desire to hibernate and ponder my life. And, with this interview coming up next week, I have a lot to ponder.

I am grateful for a good cup of coffee. Really, it's delightful to sit in my study, with the big windows that look out over my backyard, the trees layered in fresh snow, and sip this cup of coffee.

I am grateful for this kitten that curls up in my lap every morning. She makes it a little challenging to blog on my laptop, but I can stretch out in a recliner chair and manage to hold both in my lap. She is the sweetest cat.


The snow is a wonderful flavor this time of the year. Especially when it glistens, sparkles, and shines. And to have a cat curled up in your lap...need I say anything more!!!
it is difficult to comprehend the cultural pressures and expectations our husbands face. (i cannot count how many times hubhc says 'i want to be known for me...not for being the pastor's husband') (sigh)

at any rate thankful that you have a good cup of joe and a kitty. those are good things to start the day with. prayers my friend...
Lorna said…
Grateful for you:) and your comment "50 years and no desire to be younger"

I turned 48 last week and your comment gave me hope.

love these gratitudes :)
Wyldth1ng said…
I love the picture.
Gannet Girl said…
Lovely reflection.
RevDrKate said…
Finally made it back to read...lets see, a post, a sermon and three gratitudes! Whew. Love the gratitude posts. Great images of snow and kitty. Sorry to hear about your husband's struggles.

The sermon was a knockout! One of your best. Now to get over to the FT blog....soon.
Songbird said…
Having a husband who sometimes lives in dark places, I feel for you both. Mine is reasonably content, for now, but I recognize he may not always be. And I've been down those paths myself. (((mompriest and spouse)))
Jan said…
Your patient understanding of your husband sounds good. You don't need my prayer of "Bless_____, change me" when I am not feeling so patient.

I love reading your gratefulnesses. It's nice to imagine you with your cup of coffee and/or kitty on your lap with the laptop looking out at the snow. Sometimes I miss snow.
Rev SS said…
((( to you both ))) love the gratitudes ... and a cat on the lap always makes things more tolerable!
Diane said…
I know how you feel as well.

thank you for saying it.
Mary Beth said…
Grateful for your gratitude for the snow, and how beautifully you write about it! I do not have any here!

and your husband...mine is, for the first time in our 10 years together, feeling like a success (business wise). It's strange and wonderful and a little scary for him, I think.
Kievas said…
I can relate to some of the same issues as your husband. Fortunately, I haven't been in a bad mood, just tired from all the snow (and ice) removal. Still, I enjoyed your post!

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