“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, June 29, 2007

RevGals Friday Five: Gifts and Talent

Sally over at RevGals writes: Our Circuit (Methodist) is having a "Gifts and talents day" tomorrow- we have a minister visiting from another circuit who has modified the Myers Briggs personality test and added a few things of his own to run a day where we get to look at ourselves in the light of giftings and of the whole church. The idea is to encourage everyone with the news that there is room for you in the ministry of the church- and perhaps to discover where that ministry might be.....

It should be an interesting day, and one where I hope people will leave feeling encouraged and challenged...

So with gifts and talents in mind here is todays Friday 5;

1. Personality tests; love them or hate them? I often take them, they can be such fun. But, mostly, I think they end up being so benign that they don't mean anything. Just fun.

2. Would you describe yourself as practical, creative, intellectual or a mixture ? Something of a mix of practical and creative. Definitely not an intellectual. Just an intellectual wanna-be. Not that I'm not smart. But being an intellectual is another level of smartness. And that ain't me babe. (i really don't know why Bob Dylan keeps popping up in my phraseology these days....yeesh).

3. It is said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame; have you had your yet? If so what was it, if not dream away what would you like it to be? Nope. Not yet. Don't see it happening. That's ok.

4. If you were given a 2 year sabbatical ( oh the dream of it) to create something would it be music, literature, art.....something completely different...share your dream with us... Heck, I'd be happy with a three month sabbatical. With two years I'd probably get lost. But, if I could I'd probably do a multimedia work with music, writing, and art, 'cuz I love them all.

5. Describe a talent you would like to develop, but that seems completely beyond you. Singing. I can chant the Eucharistic prayer well enough. And I've had a few voice lessons. But I'm no singer. And I'd like to. But it takes more time and diligence, and money than I have right now. So. I'll have to settle for chanting...and singing with others.

Bonus question: Back to the church- what does every member ministry mean to you? Is it truly possible to encourage/ implement? Every member means at the very least an open invitation for every one to be welcome in the community and to participate as they feel able. That said I think people need to be encouraged, raised up and supported. People need to be invited in and offered a place and guided in forming connections. Every members means that all voices and ideas are welcome and that the rest will listen with respect. That every one is treated with dignity. And that we make sure to thank people and recognize the gifts they bring and the ministry the offer - whether the person is the "friendly greeter" or offers "lots of labor," or some other contribution of time, talent, and resources. Every member is team ministry and includes knowing when to invite someone to end their ministry (rather than hold on to something for a million years, like the coffee hour person we had at one small church who always did it but always complained) as well as when to invite someone to consider a ministry. And it takes all of us looking for that potential and saying, "I wonder if so and so be good at thus and such?"...