Morning Walk

My husband and I took the dogs for a long walk this morning. Here are some of the things we saw:
Flowering Cacti




After about 40 minutes we decided to turn around when we saw this:

Gila Monster (Known for their poisonous bite and persistent grip...)

It was, however, a delightful walk. The first Saturday we've had off together in a long time. The air temp was mid 80's, the sky was slightly overcast, and the breeze was strong enough to keep us from over heating...really nice.


Rev SS said…
Wow! Pretty (even the Gila Monster)

We're having snow, sleet, and rain here, with lows in the 20's and high's in the 40's!
Gannet Girl said…
GREAT walk!!!!
dear sweet jesus there's no waaaaay i could live anywhere where i'd run into that thing! (the gila)... eeeewwwk!

harvey in the basement is a step up i'd say... *shiver*
mompriest said…
HC, considering we have been warned to look out for rattle snakes, scorpions, javelina's, bobcats, mountain lions, and poisonous frogs....and thus far this is all we've seen - a gila monster sunning himself in order to get up to speed - not too bad, really...of course I kept a good distance between me and that gila-guy...but it didn't even flinch let alone move -

does this mean you won't come visit and sit by the pool? The backyard is surrounded by a stone it's pretty safe...
Crystal said…
wow--an amazing walk.

congrats on moving to an incrediably beautiful place, even if littered with some creeepy pests.
Beautiful. Lovely what a place to live...but poisonous Frogs!!!
mompriest said…
Yes, the poisonous frogs (or some call them toads, so I'm not sure which they are) come out in July during the Monsoon season - so basically no dog walking after it has rained or while there is water on the ground...
dust bunny said…
Hmmm....Beauty has its dangers!
Thanks for the pictures. :)
Jan said…
What a nice walk! I love the pictures, especially the flowering cacti.
PK said…
eeeeeeeewwwwwwwweeeee and YYYYYYUUUUCCCKKKKKK!

and i thought cockroaches were bad...

You are ONE strong woman to live where those things live!
Kievas said…
I guess beauty and danger are always linked :)
bobcats & mountain lions we have here too... it's things of a more amphibian nature that give me heebeejeebees... pass the wine!!!! *slurp* *gulp*
wow, the gila is awesome! what a great capture!

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