The Visit

My daughter and Ryan arrived here last Tuesday. For two weeks I told our dogs that "JT and Ryan" are coming. The dogs would run to the window and look out expectantly. So, of course, the day they arrived, the dogs were primed and started barking as soon as the garage door opened. I have never seen two more happy dogs than when they walked in. Mom and Dad were really happy too. After a tour of the house and backyard and pool we headed to an arts community for some touristy activity. We wandered around a mexican pottery shop, a turquoise shop with hand made Indian jewlery and pottery (some of it very old), and walked through an outdoor sculpture garden. After our walk about we to dinner at Cowpalace...for a little taste of the local flavor.

My husband and I stumbled on Cowpalace last Dec. when we were here interviewing. One day we decided to take a drive and see the area so we headed south on the highway. Not too far along we realized that our rental car had no gas, it was given to us at near empty. So we began to search for a gas station. In the desert. Well we followed the signs to one on a small dirt road. The station was part of a general store and included one pump. One pump that was left over from the 1960's. But, it was gas. Next door to this gas station/store was a restuarant that looked, well, dirty and run down and even kinda scary. Turns out it is one of the best restuarants in the area - not fancy just good home cooking. (Oh, and they have a lobster fest one Friday a month...go figure). So, the five of us went there for dinner and had a lovely time. Later that night we came home for an evening swim.

Wed. we got up very early in order to arrive at the Desert Museum by 7:30 am. Arriving at this museum you have to cross over a mountain pass with one of the steepest declines and curving roads I've ever been on - luckily though it is a very short decline. There is another way in that avoids it, but it's not as spectacular....The museum was fabulous. My husband and I are members and love to come and walk around. It was really great so early in the morning because all the animals were up and about, including these javelina. Turns out that a few days later a wild Javelina got into the museum (it's outdoor but fenced in) and bit someone on the foot and hand - YIKES!!!

Wed. afternoon we spent lounging by the pool, swimming and relaxing. We went to dinner at a local Mexican resturant.

More to come: our trip to Mexico and the Grand Canyon....later


yeah... glad you had a wonderful time!
It sounds fabulous (all except the steep drive. I'm a wuss about that.)
Diane said…
I love the Desert Museum! Looking forward to the rest of your travelogue.
What a cool visit! Sounds like you're having the sweetest time.

And those "scary" places usually make the most delicious food.
zorra said…
The Cow Palace sounds like a hoot. The restaurants you remember most fondly are the ones you just stumble upon like that.

Javalinas are kinda scary. When we were in Big Bend I took some pictures of a little herd that had come right up to the side of the road, as bold as could be. I tried not to attract their attention, though!
Javelina- for someone who has never been there it must feel like landing on another planet. Glad you had fun with your family!
Julie said…
Glad you're having a great time with your family!
Songbird said…
Sounds wonderful!
Jan said…
It all sounds wonderful. I love the reaction of your dogs! Such fun. Keep telling us and post some pictures sometime. Thanks for all the links.
PK said…
If I bring cold beverages... can I come and sit by the pool? It sounds soooooo wonderful!!!!
Kievas said…
Sounds like a great time!

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