Monday, April 27, 2009


Samaritan Woman John 4:7-30

She came
She drew (water)
She said
She said
She said
She answered
She said
She left
She went
She said

Elizabeth and Mary Luke 1:24-25, 28-56

She conceived
She remained
She said

She was perplexed
She pondered
She said
She said
She set out
She entered
She greeted
She was filled
She exclaimed
She said
She remained
She returned


Diane said...

wow, I wish I had been there....

revhipchick said...

love it!

Katie Z. said...

it's amazing when you see them all pulled out like that!

Deb said...

How cool. I am going to do this in an exercise with my teens...

I will with God's help....uncomplicating the complicated

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