Beatitude Gratitude

Following the alphabet meme of gratitude today I am reflecting on the letter "B" which made me think of the beatitudes: "Blessed..."

I'm not so much pondering the blessed are's, but rather just blessings. Some of the things in my life that are blessings:

Birds. In the past I have owned birds in the past, finches, canaries, and lovebirds. But I really love the birds outside, of which we have an abundance here. Yes, birds are a blessing.

Banana's. I love bananas (especially with peanut butter).

Black Licorice, especially the Panda brand....

Brownies with chocolate chips.

Bowling. Haven't gone in a long while, and am not good, but it is fun to do with family or friends.

Burritos. Of all kinds. Even the fried fruit burrito dessert at one of my favorite restaurants.

Beasties - as in the household, pet variety...truly a blessing.

What are the blessings in your life today?


altar ego said…
Oooh, brownies and burritos (not necessarily together). But best of all, the beasties.

And today, beauty.
Barbara B. said…
oh yeah, bananas and peanut butter are the best!
Romy Williams said…
wow this blogs is really awesome...! I like it.

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