Monday, July 20, 2009

Gratitude Attitude

altar ego at Reverent Irreverence started this, the idea of daily posts, following the alphabet, of what one is grateful for. You can find her offering at the link above or in my sidebar.

Here is mine:

Attitude. Attitude has a lot to do with gratitude. With an open heart any number of things, ideas, experiences can stir up gratitude. Whereas with a closed heart these same things may glide by unrecognized, not experienced. Like most people I have had long stretches of time when life has been a tremendous challenge. When living felt like moving through thick shades of gray.Just getting out of bed felt beyond my ability, so dire was my life, so little did I want to face the bleakness of the day. During those times I had to find the little things to be grateful for - the kind word of a friend, a hug, lunch out with someone I enjoy being with, one of my cats curled up in my lap, a walk with my dogs.

When life has turned around and felt full and colorful again, I have much more obvious things to be grateful for. But even then, it is often the little things that catch me giving thanks. The song of a bird on a crisp morning. A glorious sunset. A rainstorm. A wonderful conversation with a newly forming friendship.

Doing an alphabet meme on gratitude seems to me to be an opportunity to look at the little things in daily life for which one can be grateful, and then offer them up with thanksgiving.


Diane said...

thanks, much food for thought.

altar ego said...

I could have written this post, though I confess my "gray" period is still ongoing. Or maybe I should say that it's a partly sunny experience, because there are definitely moments of brightness, peace, contentment and satisfaction. Even though most days are a slog, however, I have perpetual hope, and that goes a long way toward greasing the skids. Glad your life is colorful again.

Sherry said...

Oh my such a lovely post. I try to remember all my gratefulness each morning on my walk. Shepherding 2 dogs and 2 cats most mornings is a hoot as the pheasants fly, the bunnies race, and the killdeer squawk and race alone. I stop to say hello to the birds perched above me yelling at me for disturbing the day with my motley crew. Thanks again.

Barbara B. said...

"Attitude" is a great way to start off the gratitude posts!

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