Geraniums - specifically red. These flowers are hardy enough to make it through a hot Arizona summer and I love the red color. They look very festive in our ceramic planter boxes with brightly painted trim.

Grand Canyon - I mean, need I say more? It is just totally awesome. Totally.
Green - as in green grass. Not much of that in the desert. And sometimes I yearn for easy on the eye green grass. For the smell of freshly mown lawn. For the feel of young grass on my bare feet.
Gratitude in general. I am grateful for opportunities to reflect on the things I am grateful for. Gratitude....


Purple said…
When I was in California, I missed the changing of the seasons, so I understand missing green.
Jennifer said…
Me, too. What Purple said.
PS: I love geraniums, too.
green grass... funny what a person takes for granted. geraniums... i've heard of churches where folks each bring a red geranium for the day of Pentecost and thataway all together it looks like tongues of fire!
Barbara said…
You are welcome to vist me for some green grass :)

(although it's getting a bit brown with all the heat we've had lately)
Diane said…
I love the Grand Canyon!

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