Home, again.

What a fast week! But oh, I am sooo very grateful that I went to General Convention. Even if I went back to my room instead of crashing the cocktail and dinner event held in Ballroom B for the folks from Chicago, many of whom I know. No, I went back to my room, following a day of being a Page in the House of Bishops, and rested. Like I was supposed too. Even if I missed the L.A. night at the Arena with rocking music and Brian McLaren as the Keynote speaker. After a day of being a Page in the House of Bishops, I went back to my room and rested.

Regardless of what I missed I was able to be present for some awesome happenings: the HofB passing resolutions C056 (creating liturgies to bless same gendered unions). Discussions on the budget and youth representation in the House of Deputies. And worship services that reminded me of why I love this church. Fabulous music! Great preachers (Abagail Nelson, Brian McLaren, Bishop Katharine). Fine liturgy in English, French, and Spanish. (COOL). I got a really good sense of convention and of the role a deputy plays (can you tell I'm thinking of running for election to be a deputy at the 2012 Convention in Indianapolis?).

I also got to see a RevGal friend who took me to the Crystal Cathedral. It was a cool thing to do, even if I was less than impressed with it (well, I mean it didn't inspire me to want to pray).....

I also got to spend a little time with my brother. We went to Huntington Beach for lunch one day and then to a sushi place another day. It was great to see he and his wife.

The flight home this evening was ROCKY...flying through a Monsoon storm, rocky! But home safe enough!


Hope you are feeling well after so much activity so soon after your surgery!
Barbara B. said…
Glad you made it home safe & sound! Turbulent flights make me nervous! :)
ElastiGirl said…
sounds like you did an awesome job of taking care of yourself in the midst of the excitement... an example to all of us!

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