The "I's" have it-tude

Ice Cream: vanilla with chocolate sauce. Vanilla with caramel sauce. or ribbons of chocolate. or ribbons of caramel. Or Chocolate. Chocolate with chocolate. Ice cream. I eat a little almost every day. yum. Lately m favorite is the gelato place, which makes low fat ice cream in many favorites: watermelon and mango. Ice cream is source of delight, a simple pleasure, gratitude at the end of a long day.

Ice: when I lived in the Midwest I never put ice in any beverage. But here in the heat of desert....I put ice in everything - coffee, tea, water...and I have developed a tendency to eat it too....I mean really, when it's 106 outside, I am sooo grateful for ice.

Internet: just goes without saying. I almost live on it. Almost. I am grateful for the speed at which I can do research, get information, connect with family and friends.


altar ego said…
I grew up in New England, but I have always put ice in my drinks! I think I got that from my grandmother (who grew up in Georgia), who kept a jar of water in the refrigerator. It's become a tactile thing in a way!
I'm enjoying your gratitude series. It makes me think how much I have to be grateful for too.
ice... oh yes! yes! yes!
revhipchick said…
i absolutely LOVE your new picture! (sorry, it's been a long while) amazing and striking!

mango gelato is one of my favorites!
I'll be right there for some ice cream!
Jennifer said…
Yum to all flavors!
Barbara B. said…
Save some ice cream for me! :)

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