Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life and Love and a Grateful Heart

This morning I rise to ponder that which I am grateful for from the perspective of "L"

Life: My life is and always has been challenging. I have not had it easy. I'm sure that is true for many people, and I'm not complaining. Life could be a whole lot more challenging! But that said, I am grateful for life. Everyday I am grateful for some thing. Maybe it's a tiny thing like the baby rabbit who has found refuge from the midday heat by lying between a planter and the front wall of our house. We have a front row seat from the home office. We give it water and hope it stays safe from the bobcat family across the street. So, today I give thanks for life in all its vulnerability and challenges, and little joys.

Love: I know I am loved. Deeply. By God. and By my husband. That goes a long way in sustaining a person through what ever comes along. I am grateful for love.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh the little baby rabbit... how cute! hope she stays safe!

altar ego said...

Life and love--is there anything more vital than these two? Blessings on yours.

Sherry said...

Perfect for my day mompriest. Hubby got an all clear on his biopsy today at the VA. I'm pretty high on life and love myself!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Those are lovely "L's".

That's one gutsy rabbit. Hope it hangs in there.

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